About Dr. Kreutzer

Dr. Erik Kreutzer was trained at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital and received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, both of which are routinely ranked as the nation’s most valued hospital and school over many decades. Dr. Kreutzer was elected to the American College of Surgeons in 1983, and has been a member of this select organization ever since. He has been in private medical practice in Colorado since 1982. He was elected to the Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Society in 1983.

Dr. Kreutzer’s families have been citizens of Colorado since it was granted statehood in 1876. His grandfather was the first forest ranger in the United States and was stationed out of Gunnison, Colorado in the early 1900’s. “Mt. Kreutzer” (elevation 13,120 feet, see photo), near Gunnison, was named in his honor. Dr. Kreutzer was raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, and he attended college locally at the University of Colorado before heading to Johns Hopkins. He currently lives with his wife of 34 years, Susan. Their son is an attorney in Manhattan working for the firm Jones Day, specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions. He promises never to sue doctors.

Actively involved in academic medicine over the years, Dr. Kreutzer has published over 25 clinical and research papers in national and international journals. Although authoring papers and teaching have been a part of his career, he has focused over 33 years on caring for private patients in his practice. He has also served as a consultant for numerous major medical insurance groups and acted on quality assurance committees. He was Assistant Clinical Staff at Denver General Hospital earlier in his career. Dr Kreutzer was acting Chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery at Exempla Lutheran Medical Center from 1985 through 1991, and has been a part of numerous Quality Assurance programs within surgical centers.

Dr. Kreutzer on the courts